What do you want to express?

The hardest thing for some people is to find the words. Particularly for them, the art of creative journaling becomes a boon. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, I have noticed from the creators whom I follow, that they barely write much about philosophy or intellectual thoughts. They write a quote by someone else or they write about their day. They write about experiences or shopping trips, about the coffee they had or the friends they met. They write about the festivals and the seasons, and sometimes their feelings.

But all of this is not heavy or difficult to articulate. Some write their journals or records in a few words and decorate them with beautiful stickers, paper and other ephemera. Others don’t write at all and let the photos do the talking. Yet others make elaborate collages, and those are also creative expressions of what they feel.

I have been asked what the big deal is about sticking things in a journal or a diary or a notebook… ‘whatever you call it.’ For a moment, I was a bit stumped. It’s true. We don’t really need to stick stuff, and cut our stickers, or peel off washi tapes to decorate pages. What are we anyway going to do with them? Once we write something, it is done and dusted, and we can move on, right? How many of us have kept our first notebooks or diaries with musings of first love or boyfriends or celebrations? I am sure, hardly any of us, especially if we are past our forties’!

I thought long and hard…and it just made sense to keep a journal, a memory book if you might call it, a record of sorts to remind us during those times (when we feel like hell, and we know we all do!) that the world is not too bad a place and we have had good thoughts, good friends and great times also.

So, decorating a journal or a diary is a beautiful way to add color and images to your daily life; a way of expressing with image and art, and words. Many of you have wanted to begin journaling, seeing the fancy pages of others on Instagram. Some of you (like me) may have spent a ton of money trying to buy stuff that others have to journal. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that either because it is all about the experience. And what is life without a bit of indulgence? But often, I am asked, ‘What do I journal about?’

The simplest and best way to begin is by giving thanks!


What Do You Want to Express? - Adori


Too simple? Yes, it is, and yet we don’t have time to give thanks to friends, family, colleagues, God, this Universe, for all the blessings we have in life. So why begin your journaling journey with Gratitude? As many of you who follow me know, I love Gratitude Journaling. It is a thing…and a jolly good thing, too! The more thanks you give, the more you receive. You can express your thanks for the smallest of things…like the cup of tea that you have in the morning by your window while watching the rain…or the run you had with your dog…or the beautiful dress that you had the privilege to buy…or your parents who have done everything in their life to make it better for you.

You can express your thanks every single day in your Gratitude journal and begin your journey with keep a record of how blessed you are today, and every day. Start now…it is a real, unforgettable, trip.

Photo credit: User4265739 – Freepik.com