Great Artists Series – Edvard Munch Stickers

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These iconic Edvard Munch stickers are very special because though he was famous during his life only for one painting, he was one of the greatest and most prolific influencers of our modern times. Which art lover dares to ignore Munch?

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Edvard Munch  (12 Dec, 1863 – 23 Jan, 1944)

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter. His best known work, The Scream, has become one of the most iconic images of world art. His childhood was overshadowed by illness, bereavement and the dread of inheriting a mental condition that ran in the family. Upon his death, authorities discovered that Munch had quietly produced a collection of 1,008 paintings, 4,443 drawings and 15,391 prints, as well as woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, lithographic stones, woodcut blocks, copperplates and photographs though in his life time, he was famous on for one painting, called The Scream.

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Great Artist Series - Edvard Munch Stickers

10 Pieces, Fine quality, Printed on Photo Paper, Multi-Colour, Personality & Art