God’s Own Creatures Series – Insects C and D

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Celebrating God’s Own Creatures with a dedicated, limited edition series, purely to show appreciation to the world in which we live, and which doesn’t belong only to us. Beautiful clear vellum stickers, fine quality, 100% made in India just for you. Use them in science projects, vintage journals, monochrome mixed media art or to decorate the covers of your sketchbooks. This is our very first product from ADORI, and we love it!

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A unique collection of God’s own creatures who are mostly invisible to us, most of the time. This is a very special series of 4, in monochrome, opaque and transparent peel-off stickers. This set is Clear Vellum and comprises 2 sheets – C and D. In our world, we believe only we have the right to live. The exact opposite is true. Every little creature has a big role to play on the planet. Let’s celebrate that!

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God's Own Creatures Series - Insects C-D

One Set of 2 A5 Sheets, Monochrome, Series C and D, Clear vellum stickers, Best quality