Film Reel Kraft Paper Tape

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Get this Adori’s second gorgeous water-activated kraft paper tape, the Film Reel Paper Tape which is a real celebration of the world of cinema. So easy to use…just apply some water (it already has glue!) and stick it on paper, scrapbooks, film journal, or anywhere! Picture perfect!

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Out of stock


A beautiful, film reel printed with high quality link on a water-activated kraft tape that is super easy to stick! Just apply a few drops of water and you are ready to stick it to your journal or scrapbook of a gift box. 100% made in India by the Adori Originals line up.

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Film Reel Kraft Paper Tape

Decorative Tape: Film Reel Kraft Paper Tape
Qt: 1 Piece
Type: Kraft Paper, water-activated tape (glue is already on the tape)
Size: 7 mm width x 5 feet length
How to use: Add a few droplet of water on the non-design side of the tape and apply on paper. Tape already has glue.
Paper stickers, Best quality, Made in India, Adori Originals