Egyptian Rhapsody Journaling Kit

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Adori’s first Egypt themed dream journaling kit was inspired by a real life experience! An unbelievably gorgeous, complete journaling ephemera kit with a solid 100% brass wax seal stamp, which depicts the Eye of Horus (your good luck charm!) and a gorgeous water-activated paper tape to replicate the feel of the Egyptian Manuscript of Hieroglyphics. Must buy, right, the best gift of the new year for yourself?

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A beautiful, Adori Originals, Egypt themed Journaling Kit, with a collection of stickers, decorative and themed paper stamps, background decoration paper, water-activated tape and a handmade brass wax seal stamp, ideal for many different purposes like journaling, scrapbooking, decorating, school projects, etc. 100% made in India!

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Egyptian Rhapsody Journaling Kit

Brass Wax Seal: Eye of Horus (good luck portent and protection symbol) 1 Piece, 5 cm/2 inches height, 100% brass, Made in India
Paper Tape: Hieroglyphics Manuscript, 1 piece water-activated tape, 5 feet in length)
Jute Pouch: 1 Small
Stickers: Gods of Egypt, 13 pieces die-cut individuals
Stickers: Egyptian Royal Life, 23 pieces die-cut individuals
Stickers: Egypt Mosaic, 1 Sheet A5 Uncut
Stickers: Egypt Mini Posters, 4 pieces or 1 set (8.5 cm x 5.5 cm size)
Stamp Stickers: 8 Paper Themed Stamps, A5 1 Sheet (peel off)
Paper: Themed Background Paper – A5 8 Sheets

Paper stickers, Best quality, Made in India, Adori Originals