Memories to preserve

I have a ton of photographs from the 1970’s – of my mother, and her family. There are many photos of relatives and cousins clicked on several occasions. The childhood ones look strange at times, because I rarely go through old albums. Just like you, my excuse is ‘where’s the time?’ But what is the truth? In my case, the old albums which are all plastic, are so unappealing! So, what should we do with them? Our photos still need a home. Nowadays, nobody prints photos. It all began with the arrival of digital printers. Soon people began to buy home printers and that became the end of printing photos that we take. Just so sad!

What do we do with the memories that many of us have lying in closed boxes or albums? Should we tear it up or scan it and put it away in a hard disk? One of my projects is to revive my own joy of analog photos by preserving them in beautiful journals….photos clicked ages ago that are still in good condition, and still very much filled with memories that I want to preserve. Even through my travels, ever since I took up digital photography, I never thought of printing the photos. But when I had a film reel camera, I used to race to the developing studio to get on with it. My new year resolution for 2020 is already taking shape: To reinstate my family photos.

If you have old photos of your pets or grandparents, your children or friends, grandchildren or cousins, why not start a Photo Reinstate Project? Let’s call it the PRP? Or whatever you like and create a beautiful journal with them? You can decorate them with stickers, ribbons, washi, paper, paint…anything really that your heart desires. You can have some space next to each photo and write about it, too. Imagine some day when others in your family will have a chance to see them? They will become literal records of your family tree, but beautifully crafted and articulate with words as well.


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Journals are a great way to preserve memories. Just as Gratitude journals serve as a reminder for us to be grateful for the infinite blessings we have, Memory Journals with photos serve as a great way to be grateful for all the people who were given to us in this lifetime. Photos are memories frozen in time. It is a magical gift of discovery that we were blessed with in this world. Imagine if there were no photos? What a strange life that would have been? So why not do some Memory Journaling from now on?

I remember a friend of mine did a family project where she literally traced her entire family tree (in the US) and used the old photos to create a story. Now in a Memory Journal, with words and embellishment, wouldn’t that be just phenomenal? Even if we don’t have a family tree, we can create Memory Journals with old photos based on Occasions, Travels, Festivals, Childhood, etc. All we really need is a will to preserve the part of our lives that we or our families have seen and lived. What better way to begin 2020?

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