Let’s begin with love!

Did you know that humans resonate with frequencies?

And the highest frequency is at 205hz which gets activated in your energy fields when you feel unconditional Love or Compassion. So, what does this mean?

It means you are pure energy, everything you think and create is pure energy, and whatever actions you take during your lifetime have pure energy in them that comes to life when you act. So why should you worry about energy when you have come here to ADORI to browse and shop? Well, it is very simple. What you shop and use, also has energy! Everything here is made with unconditional love to bring you joy, to inspire you, excite you and awaken the playfulness that is buried for years. ADORI is all about ‘things we love’…and how!

Your passion for stationery and writing, crafting and art, creating beauty with your actions and intent in the world, actually brought you here…and it unites you with the higher frequencies of the Universe which prevent you from falling ill or having self-doubts or defeating thoughts. It literally uplifts you and raises you to become a better version of yourself. When you write, draw, dance, sing, laugh, play, walk, meditate or pray, your frequency rises above the base, stagnant, levels of energy all around you on Earth. It could the stagnant energy of collected things you don’t use or the base energy of negative people in your life.

Let’s begin With Love | Stationery | Scrapbook Ideas - Adori

So why not resonate at your highest frequency as often as you can by being happy and creative, every single day of your life? You will be, in a sense, saving the Earth and humanity, you will spread joy and hope, and you will never fall ill with a higher state of mind. In fact, the best way to begin any passion or hobby is with Love which immediately puts us in a higher state of mind. If you feel Love while you write or craft or draw or sew or dance or sing, if it moves you and fills you with joy, knows that your high frequency spreads around you immediately like fairy dust…pure magic! It impacts everyone who sees your writing or art and they feel happy in turn.

So, if you’re seeking inspiration to begin, it is right here, because it is not a coincidence that you are reading this. You didn’t just come here to shop; you came here because you possibly have a calling to create. And the first step in all of creation is Love!

Show some Love every day to what makes you happy. It could as simple as drawing a flower. Or decorating a scrapbook. Or journaling which we all love to do. You may feel great when you jot down your ideas or feelings. Or you could be a writer at heart, stuck in a day job, wondering how you can feel inspired to write, and so you need some extra love and motivation. Well, just get started with any subject…especially Love…because nothing inspires any of our actions more than Love. Are you ready to vibrate at a higher frequency and create with Love?

Good luck, and enjoy!

Photo credit: Natali_Ploskaya – Freepik.com