In the beginning…

Many people have told me that they can’t write in a coffee shop. They need to lock themselves up in a room to write their thoughts or ideas, even more so if they are writing a book or working on a story idea. I am a writer by birth I assume, because I can write anywhere. Literally. I can even write while standing in a cue at a grocery store, and I know that for sure, because I have done that in my early years as a copywriter. But seriously, if you feel you won’t be able to write in a coffee shop, give it a try, nonetheless. It is a very different experience to journal or do art outdoors, in an unfamiliar setting, and among strangers. Sometimes the best ideas come in the strangest of places.

My first trip to a coffee shop to write was at Starbucks. Up until then, I didn’t think too much about spaces a few years ago. Before that, I would write mostly at home. I have had a diary for many years, choosing to pour out my thoughts, good or bad, every night before I fell asleep. As the years passed and started writing short stories, my diary writing habit became a bit slack. The point was, I told myself, that I was writing. Then came some periods of writing about myself and circumstances, then ideas and thoughts about the world…and then I stumbled upon what the modern-day writer/creator/artist calls ‘journaling’. Journaling is merely record-keeping, and we all know that unless we are thoroughly passionate about a subject, we won’t want to write pages about it!


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The whole idea is to get started with a notebook and a pen, or even a pencil, with color pencils or charcoal…nobody really tells you what to write with. But if you want to express yourself and you are a newbie at this whole ‘journaling movement’ that has taken over South East Asia (first) and rest of Europe (second), and some rare parts of Australia and USA, then just grab what you have, make up your own pages with your thoughts and ideas. It is a bumpy ride when you start to compete….so don’t.

Write where you find comfort or inspiration or both…and keep a record of things that matter. Soon you will begin to see a pattern of thoughts or ideas…things that will make you want to find clarity or a direction. And when you travel once again after this pandemic, you will want to write about that too. So journaling is exactly that…a journey that you can record, and you must…because life is too short to forget the great moments.

So, what should you write about? Read my next blog.