One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a hug when you wake up in the morning because guess what? You are still here! The second biggest gift you can give yourself is the wholesome, life-changing experience of ‘analog’. When all of us are using smartphones, computers, tablets and whatnot, all the time, it becomes very important to disconnect from all of these things from time to time.

Many of you are so young that you may have never seen life without a color television or the Internet. Your whole childhood or teenage years has been an output driven by technology and media, computers and all things digital. And there is nothing wrong with that. We all want the technology, the 4G, the speed of the Internet, and AI. It makes our lives fast drives progress and advancement. But even though the current state of our lives is driven by digital, we have to sometimes step away from it and go back to the old way…when things were simpler. The simplest way to go back into time is with a notebook and a pen. To the analog life before the world got digitized and fast-forwarded. So why is the analog life so important? We are surely not missing anything.

Well, we are! We are missing using our brains and creativity, our handwriting is disappearing, we don’t know how to hold a pen or thoughts in our head unless we stare at a keyboard, we don’t know how to sign a check or write a letter without making mistakes in every sentence, and above all, we don’t know how to slow down. Analog makes us slow down…and breathe. It helps us coordinate our finger movements with our brain. Analog makes us think. It makes us feel, and it makes us do something other than type with our fingers.

Analog rocks! The analog life is a life of adventure because it calls for attention, detailing, care and activity. It is proven for mental health and uplifting our spirit. Those who draw or paint or play music, are entrenched in the analog way of life despite being attached to a digital world. Unlike writers who use technology to write, these artists, musicians and painters use their hands, tools, mediums to create art. Isn’t that just beautiful? It is like they express with their hands and create with their souls. That is the analog life…and for those who love writing with ink and pen, record keeping or journaling, they are too celebrating this analog life every single day.


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You must have some part of your day or week or month in this analog format…because it will keep your mind and heart-healthy and rich…and it will make you more creative than ever before. Science proves that when we use our hand to create or write things with tools, we are engaging in an act of creating a symphony of all our five senses, we are bringing our brain to life and charging up the electrons to illuminate the untouched parts of a brain.

So, go analog. Refresh your creativity, rejuvenate your tired eyes and fingers with something you can touch and feel to create. Analog rocks!

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